• Percussive Therapy Guns

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Percussive Therapy Guns

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Instant Relief On-The-Go

Percussion Therapy

·     Accelerates warmup and recovery

·     Improves range of motion and flexibility

·     Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

·     Enhances muscle performance

The Apollo Gun Features

·     4-6 Hour Battery Life; Rechargeable with Lithium-IonBatteries

·     Hand-Held, Cordless, and Lightweight at 1.5kg(2.2 lbs.)

·  Noise Level: Runs Quietly and Smoothly

·   6 Massage Heads Included

·     20 Speed Variations

·     Power Charger

·     Carrying Case

·     TSA Approved

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Let customers speak for us

"Have wanted to get one of these for so long! So much cheaper and easier than going to a massage therapist a few times a month. The massage gun really does wonders and has been great for after my workouts!"


Let customers speak for us

"I use the apollo everyday! It does wonders for after workout pains!"


Let customers speak for us

"Incredible Product! Never knew about the product until I met the owners and couldn't get over how well it instantly relieved my pain. Thanks again you guys!"


Let customers speak for us

"Can't get enough of this thing for post workout pains!"


Let the customers speak for us

"Really can't find anything better on the market than The Apollo. Not only is it relatively inexpensive compared to other companies, but it really is a great product. Highly recommend."