The Apollo 2.0 Massage & Relaxation Gun (In Gray)

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Product Information 

Relax, Rebuild, and Recover with Apollo Recovery's Massage & Relaxation Gun. Our massage gun will help you recover after a long workout by increasing blood flow to your muscles, reducing inflammation, and helping get rid of those knots that never seem to go away. Our product allows athletes to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness from the comfort of their own homes. Vibration therapy helps target specific muscle areas, offering a more efficient solution to recovery. 

Not only can the massage gun be used after workouts or on sore muscles, but it can also be utilized to warm-up muscles before a workout. This portable, hand-held device is perfect to throw in your gym bag and have access to on-the-go. 

Not big on working out or going to the gym? Use Apollo's massage gun to relax and unwind after a long day. 


  • Comes in 5 Different Colors (Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, White) 
  • 20 Speed Variations 
  • 4-6 Hour Battery Life; Rechargeable with Lithium-Ion Batteries 
  • Hand-held, Cordless, and Lightweight at 1.5 kg (2.2 lbs.)
  • Size: 25 x 23 cm (9.8" x 9") 
  • Noise Level: Runs quietly and smoothly 


- 6 Massage Heads: 

    1. Fork Leg Head - suitable for massaging neck, spine, and Achilles tendons
    2. Ball Comfort Head - suitable for massaging large muscle groups like arms, waist, and back
    3. Shovel Head - suitable for abdominal muscles; line carving and relaxation 
    4. Curved Comfort Head - suitable for deep tissue massages
    5. Flat Warm-Up Head - suitable for all muscle areas
    6. Cone Trigger Head - suitable for deep tissue massages such as your palms and soles of your feet

- Power Charger

- Carry Case to store massage gun and (6) heads